Eco-friendly and timeless accessories for women

Shop durable accessories for women. We use recycled and environmentally friendly materials in LOVÉN products.
Selection of feminine design : umbrellas, scarves, wallets and handbags.

Feminine Wallets – Estonian design

Our wallets were born from the idea to create mobile phone covers with a floral pattern. We started developing the product and finally came up with a universal wallet. Large enough to fit a mobile phone but also space for cash and bank cards.

  • Small Wallet – blue metallic – “Calla”

  • Small Wallet -pink – “Holly”

  • Small Wallet – brown – “Carolina”

  • Large Wallet – brown – 3in1 “Amber”

  • Large Wallet – pink – 3in1 “Peony”

  • Large Wallet – Blue – 3in1 “Daisy”

  • Small Wallet – Black – “Flame”

  • Small Wallet – Gold – “Dahlia”

  • Small Wallet – Pink – “Lotus”

  • Large Wallet – Gray – 3in1 “Jasmine”

  • Large Wallet – Gold- 3in1 “Angel”

  • Large Wallet – Black – 3in1 “Grace”

  • Black Large Wallet RFID “Shirley Temple”

  • Pink Large Wallet RFID “Pecher”

Feminine wallets

We are inspired by peony symbolism and feminine colors and patterns. In addition to practicality, we also want to offer you wallets with your wallets.

Leather wallet

It is a beautiful gift for any anniversary. We use only imitation leather in our products. We have set ourselves the goal of producing only products made of environmentally friendly materials and we are members of the Fur Free Retailes organization. We believe that today we no longer need animal skins to produce a quality product. By making informed choices in our product preferences, we work together to contribute to a sustainable lifestyle.

Women's wallet

which is timeless in style. We think about sustainability and create a design that is also fashionable tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. We think through all the details to bring you timeless design handbags. Our motto is Slow Fashion. In doing so, we are contributing to reducing consumption and want to create a greener and more sustainable living environment for our next generation.

Large wallet

Our large wallet is designed with everyday editing in mind. The wallet is big enough to put your mobile phone in. There are many different cash drawers both behind the card pockets and in the locked drawer.

RFID protection

your wallet keeps your money safe in your bank account. The extra blocking layer inside the wallet gives you a sense of security that your data cannot be copied. This is especially necessary today when we have introduced prompt payment instruments.

Feng Shui wallet

Peony motif decorates all our products. It is a flower with a deeper meaning that symbolizes love and abundance. That is why peony is also used a lot as a lucky flower at weddings. According to feng shui, wallets of different colors also have a specific purpose, and at the same time Feng shui also gives ideas on how to attract money to your wallet. You can read more about it in our blog post "Wallet - as a talisman?"

Clutch bag

We have also added a separate wrist strap to the large wallet in case you want to use the bag as a small ridge when going to the theater in the evening. LOVÉN´'s eye-catching peony flower wallet is a compliment to any outfit!

Sustainable fashion

In the midst of very changeable times, we have decided to contribute to reducing people's footprint by using recycled materials in our products. Our mission is to take advantage of existing materials and create new and wonderfully designed accessories for your wardrobe. Using high-quality material, feminine design and always classic colors, we want to make recycled materials and sustainable design available to our faithful proponent of domestic Estonian design.

Gifts for women

When ordering a product in our e-shop, you can also add your own wish to the product, which we add to the card. We wrap the gift in a gift box and send it to the gift recipient. This service is completely free for you!

Sale of wallets, both online and in-store

When ordering from the e-shop, we will send out your goods as soon as p ossible, but not later than within 3 working days.If you want to get your new wallet faster, then the largest reseller of LOVÉN design is LEVI Disainipood in Tallinn Solaris Center and Tartu Kaubamaja.

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