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By creating a timeless and multi-purpose design, we want to contribute to reducing society’s over-consumption. The products are carefully thought out and suitable for year-round use. Our products are not seasonal and the same design is pervasive in all products. At the same time, you do not feel that your product is old or out of fashion.

Roosa sall plastik pudelitest Loven


Every day we move closer to sustainable design and environmentally friendly raw materials. Our heart’s desire is to use as many recycled and environmentally friendly materials as possible in LOVÉN products. Today, while many of us have focused on developing an environmentally friendly product, our mission is to produce from existing materials. We collect the scraps and fill the globe with flowers.

recycled plastic bottles


Did you know that it takes 4 plastic bottles to make one beautiful recycled scarf? Using recycled material in our products contributes to the fact that less than 4 plastic bottles float in our sea. We use environmentally friendly and chemical-free paints for production. We pack our products in recycled and biodegradable plastic bags. And we will gradually move only to environmentally friendly transport packaging. Together we will create a better future.

Roosa rahakott lillega Lovén


We choose our partners very carefully. We want our products to comply with the ISO standard and have a BSCI fair production certificate. Our production does not use child labor and provides employees with a safe working environment and fair pay.

Vihmavari naistele Loven design


We believe that times have changed. We no longer need fur farms to exist. The fashion industry has a huge impact. Each of us wears clothes and shoes, and we can guide the industry with our choices. Cowhide products have been worn for centuries, regardless of where and under what conditions the raw material comes from. More than 70 billion animals are killed for human consumption every year. It’s the equivalent of killing all of humanity every month. Leather, fur, wool, feathers and silk come from someone, not anything. It is taken from living beings without their consent, stolen from them.

feng shui armastuse õnne rahakott Loven design


We love the beauty of peony. But even more, we love the very deep and meaningful symbolism of the peony. Peony as a flower of love adorns many wedding bridal bouquets or is part of the decoration. According to Chinese mythology, peony brings marital happiness, abundance and love to a young couple. Isn’t it wonderful to think that your accessory is like your talisman? That is why we also follow the Feng Shui recommendations in the color range of our products when creating a purse that loves you or love money. What else adorns the peony. Isn’t it wonderful?

kingiidee kinkekarbis rahakott Lovén design


Receiving gifts is always very pleasant, but more or less, we like to make gifts! We have noticed that a very large part of our products goes as a gift and surprises for a loved one. You have the opportunity to add your personal greeting to each product, which we will add to your gift with the card and, if desired, send it directly to the recipient!

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