Story behind LOVÉN brand

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you knew exactly what you wanted, but couldn’t find it in any store? It’s frustrating when the perfect item you envision doesn’t exist in the form you imagine. This is exactly how it all began with an umbrella! I longed for a simple yet elegant umbrella, not too fancy or flashy. In such moments, we often settle for the “best” option available.

Drawing from my background in design and manufacturing, I now dedicate all my spare time to creating accessories. It’s a captivating activity that allows me to turn dreams into reality. Out of this passion, the Lovén brand was born, starting with umbrellas and expanding to include other products, all infused with a deep appreciation for feminine design.

This brand imbibes classical and ageless styles, and the signature peony prints make them unique and special. However, more than that, I’m of the opinion that all these products need to look, feel and be of high quality, that a fashion-savvy shopper will be able to point them out among a million other brands. My hope is to bring joy to women around the world, knowing how important they value their fashion accessories. The numerous feedbacks I continue to get from you, The Lovén Fans, assure me that I give you more than “just umbrellas,” that the products meet you at the point of your needs. Therefore, I also assure you that my joy still lies in always surpassing your expectations of the brand, and I truly hope that you continue to find these products as beautiful and useful as I do. These products can only get better!

A Typical Lovén Fan

The Lovén Fan is simple and fashion savvy, positive of what she seeks and a healthy perfectionist. Therefore, she seeks in products simplicity and elegance, value for money and durability, without compromising on her needed touch of impeccably unique designs and styles.

Our Worth Is That Of Our Employees

To meet your demands for both quality and quantity, able hands have been employed. Also, an important value for Lovén is to provide items produced only under BSCI conduct, respecting employees’ rights for humane working hours and salaries. So not only do we value and respect all our customers, we also take immense pride in that our products are produced in only respectful working conditions. At the end, the brand is only as excellent as those working to build it – the employees.

Let’s face it, there is too much waste in the world, and we can all combat this by choosing quality over quantity! This is why we do not make ‘fast fashion’ at Lovén. We make sure all the products look timeless, but are also elegant and unique so that they can be used for plenty of generations of women to come. By making our products functional, resistant and durable, we ensure less consumption in the world and protect the environment for those coming after us.

Sincerely Yours,
Rahel Lovén

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