Astrid Accessories  Return Policy is a part of Astrid Accessories  Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Customer´s order will be released from Astrid Accessories warehouse within 3 working days, after the credit card payment has been confirmed. Delivery time maximum 14 day.

Astrid Accessories is liable to notify the Customer immediately of any changes in delivery time.

The Customer is liable to notify Astrid Accessories immediately of any changes in delivery location.

The accuracy and correctness of the data provided in the order is vital to avoid any delays or misunderstandings in the delivery of the goods. Astrid Accessories and the delivery service take no responsibility for any delays or misunderstandings resulting from the incorrectness of the data provided by the Customer in the formalized order.

Products will be delivered to Customer by DPD or DHL parcel delivery service according to DPD delivery terms & conditions. Astrid Accessories will provide Customer by an e-mail with order tracking number, after the order has left Astrid Accessories warehouse. The Customer can track the parcel on-line by entering order tracking number in DPD website



Zone 1: Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania Delivery cost is 2,90 euros

Zone 2: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, United Kingdom Delivery cost 10 euros

Zone 3: Norway, Switzerland Delivery cost 25 euros

Zone 4: United States, Australia,Brazil, Canada, China, Hong-Kong, Indonesia, Iceland, India, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Mexico,Russia Federation, Serbia,Singapore,Ukraine Delivery cost 20 euros

Products are handed over to the Customer by the delivery service based on the delivery note. Before accepting the delivery and signing the delivery note, Astrid Accessories recommends inspection of the packaging, in case of any visible damage. In the event of damage, Astrid Accessories recommends that the Customer refuse to receive the goods. By signing the delivery note the Customer confirms that the packaging was either intact or the Customer was satisfied with the condition of the packaging (the products were not damaged) at the moment of handover.

When the packaging is damaged the product should be returned to the courier and relevant information provided either by an e-mail to

Astrid Accessories retains the right not to deliver products already ordered when the product is out of stock. When Astrid Accessories  is unable to fulfill the order a Astrid Accessories representative will contact the Customer and provide alternative offers within a period of 3 working days since the order was formalized. If the Customer does not wish to receive any alternative goods and has already paid for the order, Astrid Accessories will make a full refund to the Customer (person who made the payment) within 14 days of the date the payment reached Astrid Accessories bank account.

Goods are handed over only to the Customer (person who made the order) in person. Third parties can receive the goods only when there is a previous agreement with the Customer and there is an authorization document provided by the Customer .

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